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Since 2004 I've been a part of PUUR|RUIMTE. A design studio specializing in public space & transport.

If you have ever been in Holland, then you have seen our work. We are likely best known for our design work for Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS, Dutch railways). We are responsible for the design of nearly the entire fleet of intercity trains that currently travel through the Dutch landscape. Interior design, exterior design, livery, design guides & concept design, you name it. A thing we have been doing successfully for more than 15 years now. 

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Intercity train

Interior design

for NS (Dutch railways)

Sleep coach

Sleep coach

Interior design Indian train

for TABB & Tata Steel

top shot blauw bombardier.jpg

Exterior design

Exterior design
for Bombardier

High res on vik pc0013.jpg

Chair redesign

Redesign train chairs

for Bombardier


The Hood

Dutch Design Week
for NS (Dutch railways)


Livery NS intercity

Livery for the VIRM intercity for NS (Dutch railways)


HTM crowd control

Test case for The Innovation Tram for HTM (The Hague)


Scribble foil toilet

Anti graffiti foil

for NS (Dutch railways)

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